Bruce Alan Kehr, M.D.

Author and National Award-Winning Psychiatrist

“Helping others brings me enormous joy. During my 40 years as a practicing psychiatrist it has been my honor to help thousands of patients ease emotional pain, end aloneness, and find self-love. I practice psychiatry and psychotherapy using ‘The Biopsychosocial Model’ to treat the ‘Whole Person,’ and will do ‘Whatever It Takes’ to understand each individual’s unique genetic, biological, psychological, social, and life-stage characteristics; to help my patients feel well, recover their health, and improve their relationships with others, and with themselves. While it has been a great privilege to be placed in a position of such trust, one of my deepest sources of frustration has been my inability to alleviate the suffering of greater numbers of people. The constraints of distance and time once seemed insurmountable. And so I write a weekly blog, and have written a book, with the hope that it will enable me to reach out and help many more people. Perhaps even you and the ones you love. If you suffer from emotional pain that just won’t go away, feel alone at work or at home, suffer from low self-esteem, or endure challenging love relations, read my blogs and my book. I wrote them for you, to bring you hope.”
– Bruce Alan Kehr, M.D.
Bruce Alan Kehr, M.D. is the Founder and President of Potomac Psychiatry, ranked “Best Psychiatry Care Provider in Maryland” in 2020 by Global Health & Pharma. He is also Founder, Chairman and Inventor of PainScript, a real-time, evidence-based digital platform designed to effectively improve health outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs for patients with opioid and other substance use problems. Dr. Kehr has been named a Washingtonian Magazine “Top Doctor” annually from 2012 to 2019; and in 2019 he was the only adult psychiatrist named “Top Doctor” by Bethesda Magazine. Dr. Kehr is an accomplished author whose works have been read by over 800,000 people in 206 countries. In 2020, his blog was ranked #2 in the nation among the top 50 mental health-related blogs.
Dr. Kehr received training in psychiatry at Tufts New England Medical Center, where he was Chief Resident; in neuropsychiatry at the VA Boston Healthcare System – Jamaica Plain; and in psychoanalysis at the Boston Psychoanalytic Institute. He practices psychiatry and psychotherapy using “The Biopsychosocial Model” to treat the “Whole Person,” by understanding each individual’s unique genetic, biological, psychological, social, and life-stage characteristics.
He feels that the practice of psychiatry is both “a privilege, and a calling.” His book, Becoming Whole: A Healing Companion to Ease Emotional Pain and Find Self-Love, is the culmination of his years of experience treating thousands of patients. By systematically teaching the basic principles of psychiatry to enable people to help themselves and those they love, and powerfully illustrated by stories of patients in treatment, Becoming Whole, is devoted to helping:
  • Anyone suffering from emotional distress that just won’t go away
  • Patients in psychotherapy who are not getting better
  • Psychotherapists who would like to better understand the underlying biological basis of the symptoms experienced by their clients
  • Patients in treatment with a psychiatrist who have not fully recovered
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Dr. Kehr lives in Potomac, Maryland, with his wife, Barbara, a psychotherapist. They have two daughters: Melanie, an immigration attorney who advocates for asylum on behalf of refugees fleeing domestic violence and child abuse, and Lisa, a psychiatric nurse practitioner graduate student.

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