Double Helix Depression: There’s No Such Thing as “Depression”
But there is “CACNA1C + MTHFR Depression”
December 12, 2018

Genetic Testing is the Frontier of Medicine – it is Precision Medicine

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“DNA + Environment + Triggers + Chance” – What Does That Mean for My Life?
December 5, 2018

Your Mental Health Toolkit via Actionable Genetic Testing

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November 28, 2018

Part Four: Avoid Your Family Over the Holiday Season. Here’s How.

Can you avoid seeing your family for the holidays? Maybe not. But if they cause emotional pain, don’t be afraid to take steps to minimize the interaction with them.

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Holiday Blues: 7 Steps to Lift Your Mood
November 20, 2018

It may be a time when stress and anxiety run higher than usual. This time of year can exacerbate preexisting financial strains, family conflicts and shame.

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PTSD – The Wounds that Just Won’t Heal
November 12, 2018

Second Opinion: Session Four

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“Depression” Doesn’t Exist…
but “MTHFR Gene Depression” Does
November 7, 2018

Second Opinion: Session Three

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