Do you ever wish that you were better organized, more focused, had improved memory function, and could accomplish more in less time?

Who doesn’t wish for these attributes in today’s demanding world (known in some circles as “The Age of Distraction”)? Today’s video, “Genetic Testing and Executive Success,” will introduce you to a newly developed genetic test, Mindful DNA, and to my new blog series on actionable genetic testing – DNA… Nurture Your Nature™. I hope that you find this video interesting and instructive. And please stay tuned for future blogs about how you can “nurture your nature™,” and determine your destiny, using supplements, nutrition, and other lifestyle changes in a highly targeted fashion based upon Mindful DNA test results.

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If you would like to benefit from genetic testing created by Genomind to help you feel well, recover your health, and Determine Your Destiny, make an appointment for DNA Testing, or request a Second Opinion from Potomac Psychiatry.

(*Dr. Kehr holds no ownership interest in Genomind)

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