Welcome to Session Soundtracks – Therapeutic Music Selections from Becoming Whole: A Healing Companion to Ease Emotional Pain and Find Self-Love.

The Role of Music in Therapy

I love music, especially for the therapeutic, healing potential it holds. It is a universal means of expressing the human condition. I use it at times in my practice, particularly as a way to reach patients who initially find it difficult to express their emotions. As we begin therapy, they may find it easier to relate to feelings that are poignantly portrayed in the lyrics of certain songs than to relate to me. In addition, music may help a patient access certain emotions and memories that were previously buried in their unconscious mind. I’ve tried to recreate that experience for you in this book.
Most sessions will feature a popular song that portrays aspects of the human condition illustrated by the patient’s story. The lyrics may relate to your own story as well and may elicit thoughts, feelings, and memories from inside of you. The songs will teach you more about the human heart and will further your capacity to think about yourself and your life.
And it is not just the lyrics themselves. If you also listen to the timbre of the singer’s voice, it can move you to feel powerful emotions. You may feel less alone by listening to songs that connect with how you are feeling and what you are struggling with in your own life. You may also be inspired to reach out to a loved one who may have shut you out or who has difficulty identifying and vocalizing their own feelings.

Session Soundtracks

Session Two, Entering Therapy: It Takes Courage to Face Yourself, Page 14
Talk by Coldplay
Session Three, Take Responsibility for Your Life, at Any Age, Page 29
It’s My Life, by The Animals
Session Four, Help Your Children Following an Emotionally Disturbing Experience, Page 54
Skyscraper, by Demi Lovato
Session Five, Heal an Existential Crisis in a Young Adult, Page 64
Demons, by Imagine Dragons
Session Six, Let Go of Your Child as They Become an Adult, Page 96
Child’s Song, by Tom Rush
Session Seven, What Is Mature Love and How Do I Find It?, Page 120
I Want to Know What Love Is, by Foreigner
Session Eight, What Makes Commitment So Challenging?, Page 143
The Way I’ve Always Heard It Would Be, by Carly Simon
Session Nine, Recovering from Empty Nest Syndrome, Page 163
More Than A Feeling, by Boston
Session Eleven, Transcending Sexual Abuse, Page 198
Blown Away, by Carrie Underwood
Session Eleven, Transcending Sexual Abuse, Page 214
Tornado, by Jonsi
Session Twelve, How to Maintain an Untangled Heart, Page 236
It’s A Beautiful Day, by U2
Session Twelve, How to Maintain an Untangled Heart, Page 237
Atlas Hands, by Benjamin Francis Leftwich