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One Root Cause of a Suffering Self

Damaged DNA, Anomalous Atoms, and Molecular Mistakes lead to Senescent Cells

Your Subatomic, Atomic, and Molecular Mental Health

Blueprinting Root Cause Analysis begins with DNA

Prescription Meditation from Genetic Testing?

Scientific research has demonstrated that meditation can epigenetically affect genes to promote better mental health.

Could Eye Movements Fight Pandemic PTSD in Orchids?

EMDR is an incredible therapeutic technique that has shown strong results in our practice, and when paired with the precision of genetic testing it can transform your mindset.

Tick Tock Tick Tock, Can You Reverse Your Biological Clock?

Biological age, however, relates to your physiologic, cellular, and genetic age, and it is far more important to your mental and physical health than your chronological age.

Eat Veggies as COVID Comfort Food? Are You Serious?!

Learn why your mental health, your gut health, and your overall wellbeing will be far better served in the long term if you reach for some healthier options instead.