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DNA: I Am Who I Am… or Am I? – Session Fifteen

Help Prevent Medication Side Effects with Genetic Testing
The CYP450s: Your Body’s Information Processing System

DNA: I Am Who I Am… or Am I? – Session Twelve

ADHD in the Age of Distraction
The Tricky Genetics behind ADHD and ADRA2A Featuring “DNA 4 KIDS" With "GENiE"

DNA: I Am Who I Am… or Am I? – Session Ten

Surf’s Up: Use Your Genetic Code to Ride the Stress Wave with Ease
The COMT Gene Featuring “DNA 4 KIDS" With "GENiE"

How do I Recover from Trauma and Humiliation? (Part 1)*

Humiliation is a “public emotion” in that it involves a belief that others will view us as diminished, and will likely mock us.

Treating Your Addiction Using Genetic Testing As A Guide

Addiction involves the loss of control over the use of a substance, often in the presence of a compulsion to continue...

Not Getting Better? Insist Upon The Biopsychosocial Model (Part 2)

Sandra’s Story Last week I introduced you to The Biopsychosocial Model and Sandra, a young physician suffering from depression and anxiety...

Exercise is Medicine for ADD

Regular exercise has a variety of beneficial effects on differing emotional disorders in both children and adults. First, let’s consider its...

The Benefits of “Brain Fitness”

We all know that regular cardiovascular fitness promotes healthy heart, lung and blood vessel function; and can Improve symptoms of anxiety...