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  • Description

    Product Description

    Praise for Becoming Whole

    “This book is invaluable for anyone seeking solace from pain.”

    Leslie D. Michelson, Author of, “The Patient’s Playbook”

    “This powerful book will take you on a guided tour to the deep inside of your heart. Bruce Alan Kehr is an experienced and empathic companion on this journey. He encourages those with a tangled heart to answer the key questions of their emotional lives and develop self-love. I will share this book with many of my patients and just can`t wait for its international distribution!”

    Marcel G. Sieberer, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at Hannover (Germany) Medical School

    Start Feeling Better Right Away

    Life is painful. Ridding ourselves of the enduring emotional pain in our hearts may feel unattainable. However, you no longer have to face this challenge alone: Becoming Whole: A Healing Companion to Help Untangle Your Heart will be at your side.
    Filled with warmth, empathy, and hope, Becoming Whole is the culmination of Dr. Bruce Alan Kehr’s decades of experience treating the whole person, not just alleviating their symptoms. Dr. Kehr systematically teaches you how to untangle your life and the lives of those you care about. Powerfully illustrated by ”sessions”—stories of patients in treatment—and for the first time unveiling what goes on inside the heart and mind of a psychotherapist as they heal a patient’s tangled heart, Becoming Whole is devoted to helping
    Anyone suffering from emotional distress that just won’t go away
    Patients in treatment with a psychiatrist or psychotherapist who are not getting better or who have not fully recovered
    Our hearts and minds repeat patterns of behavior that can sabotage deeper emotional intimacy, leading us to unintentionally wound others or ourselves. It may be painful, difficult, and emotionally challenging, but working through your feelings and memories is the first step toward genuine happiness.

    Order now and receive:

    A sneak peak of the first three chapters of Becoming Whole as a digital-download at checkout. Start to lessen your emotional pain and develop more self-love today.
    Build Yourself A Healthier Brain mini-book as a digital-download at checkout. Start to feel better and function more effectively through improved brain function.
    One-year exclusive access to The Healing Companion – a live quarterly webinar where Dr. Kehr answers your questions to help you feel better and function more effectively.
    One-year exclusive access to the Ease Emotional Pain monthly newsletter highlighting the latest scientific findings on depression, anxiety and other emotional conditions.
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    Additional Information

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