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One Root Cause of a Suffering Self

Damaged DNA, Anomalous Atoms, and Molecular Mistakes lead to Senescent Cells

Your Subatomic, Atomic, and Molecular Mental Health

Blueprinting Root Cause Analysis begins with DNA

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Root Cause Psychiatry – Your Blueprint to Build Mental Health

Root Cause Psychiatry – Your Blueprint to Build Mental Health, which will endow you with the knowledge and power to become the architect of your mental health destiny.

Tick Tock Tick Tock, Can You Reverse Your Biological Clock?

Biological age, however, relates to your physiologic, cellular, and genetic age, and it is far more important to your mental and physical health than your chronological age.

Adult Attention Deficits – The Psychiatrist as Detective

Given the risk that “Adult ADD” may become over-diagnosed, and stimulants may become over-prescribed, much in the same fashion as childhood ADD, it is important to recognize that there are many causes of disrupted attention in adults that bring about symptoms similar to adult ADD, but have differing origins and treatments. A careful diagnostic assessment is in order.