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Part Two: Sleeping with Your Boss Comes at a Cost
Are you being sexually harassed by someone senior to you at work, someone who has power over your future, someone you are frightened to confront?


Part One: Understanding the 'Me' in #MeToo
Self-Saboteurs don’t know what they don’t know - there are myriad ways that people unknowingly sabotage their lives.

Treating Your Addiction Using Genetic Testing As A Guide

Addiction involves the loss of control over the use of a substance, often in the presence of a compulsion to continue...

Existential Crisis in Teenagers

Amelia’s Story I received a panicked call from Jane, a stressed-out and frightened mom. Her normally, high-functioning, “perfect” daughter, Amelia, had...

Not Getting Better? Insist Upon The Biopsychosocial Model (Part 5)

Begin to Untangle Your Life Perhaps, like Sandra, you lost a parent at a young age; or have a loved one...

Not Getting Better? Insist Upon The Biopsychosocial Model (Part 4)

The Conclusion of Sandra’s Story Sandra began to reveal her deep feelings of guilt over attending school in a distant city...

Genes, Stress, Nutrition, and Antidepressants – How They Affect Anxiety, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder

The brain is the organ of the mind. Our ability to think, feel, and experience life is dependent upon neurobiological processes...