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Fighting Off that Massive Invisible Bully: Coronavirus, PTSD, and the COMT gene in Kids

The coronavirus continues to “bully” children around the globe with no end in sight. Learn how some children with a gene known as COMT Met/Met are more vulnerable to developing PTSD as a result of this kind of trauma, and how genetic testing and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help.

How do I Recover from Trauma and Humiliation? (Part 1)*

Humiliation is a “public emotion” in that it involves a belief that others will view us as diminished, and will likely mock us.


An Authority Figure is someone who has the power to give orders or make decisions, or the power to control someone...

Parenting During a Divorce

Couples going through a divorce face extraordinary challenges (and so do their children). You aren’t just losing the person with whom...

Helping Your Child Following a Traumatic Experience

As parents we instinctively wish to shield our children from traumatic experiences. There is a significant value to creating an “envelope”...

“Letting Go” of Your Child as They Become an Adult

One of the more challenging epochs for a parent who is actively and lovingly engaged in their child’s emotional growth and...