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“And They Lived Happily Ever After”… Really!?

Remember the fairy tales we read as children? Snow White? Cinderella? Beauty and the Beast? Each ended with one version or another of “…and they lived happily ever after.” This Valentines week, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: True love bears no resemblance whatsoever to a fairy tale’s romantic ending.

How do I Recover from Trauma and Humiliation? (Part 1)*

Humiliation is a “public emotion” in that it involves a belief that others will view us as diminished, and will likely mock us.

How do I Recover from Trauma and Humiliation? (Part 2)*

In last week’s Tip you learned about the lasting emotional consequences of humiliating experiences. Today I will share with you a...

How do I Recover from Trauma and Humiliation? (Part 3)*

This is the third of three installments on the lasting emotional consequences of Humiliation, including a summary of the lessons to...

Learned Helplessness and Defeat Stress in the Age of Anxiety

According to Lewis & Clark College president Barry Glassner, a leading sociologist and author of The Culture of Fear, "Most Americans are living in the safest place at the safest time in human history.” So why are so many Americans, among them many of the new patients coming in to see me, feeling so anxious?

Parenting During a Divorce

Couples going through a divorce face extraordinary challenges (and so do their children). You aren’t just losing the person with whom...