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DNA: I Am Who I Am… or Am I? – Session Thirteen

Overweight and Obesity – Is it Me, or My DNA?
5HT2C and MC4R: Can Your Genes Make You Fat?

DNA: I Am Who I Am… or Am I? – Session Twelve

ADHD in the Age of Distraction
The Tricky Genetics behind ADHD and ADRA2A Featuring “DNA 4 KIDS" With "GENiE"

DNA: I Am Who I Am… or Am I? – Session Eleven

Mental Illness is not a Myth—and Human Genomics Proves It
The DRD2 Gene and Dopamine Featuring “DNA 4 KIDS" With "GENiE"

Learned Helplessness and Defeat Stress in the Age of Anxiety

According to Lewis & Clark College president Barry Glassner, a leading sociologist and author of The Culture of Fear, "Most Americans are living in the safest place at the safest time in human history.” So why are so many Americans, among them many of the new patients coming in to see me, feeling so anxious?

Courageous Unstoppable You: Facing Yourself to Find Happiness

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” This quote from Aristotle is the cornerstone of all insight-oriented psychotherapies.

Existential Crisis in Teenagers

Amelia’s Story I received a panicked call from Jane, a stressed-out and frightened mom. Her normally, high-functioning, “perfect” daughter, Amelia, had...